• Matebook X Pro
    • Honestly, the nicest laptop I’ve used. Beautiful screen, good keyboard, one of the best non-Macbook track pads.
  • Realforce 104UG High-Profile Keyboard
    • I’d had bounced around between a number of mechanical keyboards before settling down with this Topre board last year.
  • OnePlus 7 Pro
    • I never use the selfie camera. I’m glad I don’t need a notch / hole / bezel taking up precious screen real-estate to accommodate one.


  • Manjaro Linux
    • With the rise of Electron and web-based apps, 2019 was the year of the Linux desktop for me. It was the first time I had used Linux as my daily driver since 2008. It’s good to be back.
  • Zsh
    • Played around with Fish for a while, but the incompatibilities with Bash just wasn’t worth it for me. It’s also nice being able to share configs with Zsh being the default shell in Mac OS now.
  • VScode
    • Fira Code with Ligatures
      • sooooo good
    • Cold Horizon Theme
      • pairs nicely with the Arc Dark theme in Gnome
    • CSS Comb
      • I use plenty of other plugins, but this once is a relatively recent discovery for me. No longer must I feel guilty for horribly organized CSS. It makes it much nicer to revisit old code that I haven’t touched in a while.
  • Notion
    • Everybody is using it and I can see why. I love that it works with markdown and its un-opinionated nature. It’s been nice being able to build my own little knowledgebase, reading list, and bookmark organizer just the way I want.
  • Figma
    • This along with VScode are what freed me from the clutches of Windows and Mac OS

This Site

  • Gatsby
    • Allows me to start small with some basic templates and markdown with the peace-of-mind that I can grow the project into something much bigger if I choose.
  • CSS Modules
    • My preferred way of handling locally-scoped CSS for basic projects that don’t dynamic styles based on props.
  • Sass
    • I’m actually using Sass for my CSS modules.
  • Netlify
    • nuff-said


  • MDX
    • adds the ability to use components in Markdown
  • React Spring
    • Have you ever wondered why the animations on your phone just look so much better than the ones you’ve created with CSS transitions? This library sets the bar for physics-based animations on the web.
  • Styled Components
    • use props in your styles without needing to write gross style objects.
  • Twitter Clients
    • Tweetdeck
      • I rarely ever look at my main twitter feed. I have columns for each of my top lists.
    • Fenix
      • Closest I’ve been able to get to Tweetdeck on Android
  • Discord
    • Slack but better (and better communities)
  • Kindle
    • The latest edition with front-light has been life-changing for reading in bed.

I'm a front-end designer and developer based in Columbus, Ohio.

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